Monday, May 24, 2010

PalEdit's All in Pieces

All over my floor.... or something like that. I spent most of the weekend ripping apart and putting back together pieces of PalEdit in a separate folder -- code that hasn't made it into the tree yet. Yesterday afternoon I had successfully refactored the code for the text editing view. It's possible to type and delete text, but that's about it -- even little things like the arrow keys don't work yet. Syntax highlighting is disabled for the moment, too. That's OK, though. Those features will get their turn, too. The big accomplishment is that I'm pretty sure that the hardest part is over: reducing dependencies until all I have left is a BView which I can type code into. This will enable all sorts of nice things like the possibility of a tabbed interface, properly-implemented split views, and more. I'm getting a better handle on how most of the code works, too, so I *might* be able to implement my #1 most wanted feature: code completion. We'll see. :)


  1. Cool. I hope you mapped the dependencies with chalk while all the entrails were neatly layed out on your kitchen floor and made a picture of it. :)

    Do you plan to use the LayoutKit? I know, it's not a totally stable API, but it may be less work to tweak the yet changing details when they occur than going the traditional non-layouted route.


  2. Actually, no. Part of the reason is that Zeta is my main development platform because it is _far_ more stable than Haiku is ATM. I look forward to the day that isn't the case. The other reason is that there aren't really too many places where it would be useful. If you think about it, the main places where you would use the Layout kit would be the preferences window and the find window. Both need to be written from scratch.