Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Programming with Haiku, Lesson 21: Replicants

Here is a topic that for the longest time as a BeOS/Haiku developer, I had no idea how to do and didn't really feel enthused on the concept of learning. Of course, now all the major platforms have desktop gadgets. Ironically, writing a replicant is really easy if you already know how to write basic Haiku GUI applications already. Find out how in this lesson.

Programming with Haiku, Lesson 21

COOOder Craziness in Ubuntu

Here's a quick tip for all of you who use the package openoffice.org-coooder in Ubuntu: don't install from Synaptic. It won't work unless you know some advanced dpkg kung-fu that I don't. Instead, go to your friendly neighborhood Ubuntu mirror and download the .deb manually. Double-click on it to install it and everything will work just fine. Here's a download link for your convenience: COOOder at the US Ubuntu mirror. Have a great day everyone!