Saturday, September 13, 2008

Filer 1.0 Beta 3 is *Finally* Out the Door

Yep. It's out at last. This is the version that's been sitting on my hard drive for the last three weeks while I've been trying to keep up with the usual massive changes to my life that occur when I go from summer break into the school year. It was quite a pain because I wanted to redo the icon for the app in addition to coming up with icons for the AutoFiler and its settings app.

Normally I try to have fun with icons for my apps. The fortune cookie I used for Fortuna and the Metroid-inspired icon for Seeker come to mind when I say this -- they were fun to create, especially Seeker's. The Filer and the DeskPanel projects are supposed to be system-level applications, so the icons really should follow the isometric perspective like the rest. Unfortunately, isometric icons are a pain in the neck to draw. Oh well.

The big feature to this release is the AutoFiler that I just mentioned. Karl vom Dorff (of Haikuware fame) suggested a daemon to automatically file items in certain folders. Hazel, the app which I used as inspiration for some of the features for the Filer, requires a folder for each rule. I didn't want to have this requirement, but having it as an option makes the Filer more useful than before. The main use I see for it is for a downloads folder. Point the AutoFiler at your browser's download folder and set up rules for your files. Here's an example rule:

Name ends with .zip
Terminal command... unzip %FULLPATH% -d /boot/home/Desktop
Move it to the Trash

The part that I also see could be really cool is if I managed to get the program bundle code working properly under R5, you could conceivably install programs with literally one click -- your browser downloads the bundle, the AutoFiler invokes the Filer on the download folder, and the Filer installs it. One click. Now that's ease of use.

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