Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't Leaf the Area Very Easily

For those following the events in U.S. weather, the midwest was hit with a major windstorm last night -- gale force gusts, to be precise. It's amazing how loss of power puts everything into perspective, even if it's only for a few hours. I needed a good reminder to keep me grounded in what really matters. In retrospect, I count myself very much blessed. The worst of it was about 24 hours without Internet access, which was quite annoying, about 4 hours without power, and a bunch of branches and leaves in my back yard.

Others were not nearly so lucky. The street I live on, for example, is currently a detour for a major state route that has a huge fallen tree across it. I'm also quite glad I don't subscribe to the digital phone package that Time Warner pushes alongside its RoadRunner service. Both my in-laws and some very good friends of the family were not only without power, but also without a source of communication by not having a cell phone or a landline. Over 450 school districts -- not schools, but districts -- were closed for today.

Over 230 schools were closed in my area , including my own, so I had an unexpected -- but nonetheless welcome -- day off. With my newly-found spare time, I spent the morning hacking on the DeskPanel, the proposed R2 retooling of the Deskbar. Progress? Igor, it's alive, I tell you. ALIVE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well, it's certainly comparable to Dr. Frankenstein's monster -- the sources aren't exactly pretty. Then again, the Deskbar's sources wouldn't have won any beauty contests to start with. *shrug* Anyway, the changes are more evolution than revolution -- more reorganization and some minor improvements here and there. While it's definitely a work in progress, I finally have some eye candy for all of you. I won't comment on them, but with the cat out of the bag on the last of my summer projects, I should be publishing the revisions I made to my desktop RFC in the next day or so.


  1. very very well, when we can start to test that excellent initiative?.

  2. Check the next post for more info. :)