Saturday, August 14, 2010

Release Day: Paladin 1.3 is Out!

It is my pleasure to announce the next version of Paladin, now available from Haikuware and DarkWyrm's Library. Although it has only been about four months since 1.2.1, a lot of work has gone into this release. Probably the single most noteworthy feature in this release is source control integration. Although it is just at a basic level at the moment, commits, diffs, and other common tasks are either a keypress or a couple of clicks away. Subversion and Mercurial are supported with Git support in development. BeIDE projects can now be imported. ccache has been updated to 3.0.1 and now dependency checking can be done with fastdep -- much faster than gcc's dependency checker. Some (accidentally) broken features, such as Run in Debugger and the Program Settings item for resource files have been fixed. Projects in the Start Window can be opened from the list using Alt + a number key, so Alt+1 opens the first project in the Recent Projects list -- this little feature has made a big difference in my own ease-of-use while using Paladin.

Some features didn't make this release, which I'm kind of bummed about, but I'd much rather get a stable release out now than a buggy one or a stable one 6+ months from now when I sort-of have time during the school year. The release doesn't use the new packaging system because I just couldn't get it stable enough in time, but Paladin 1.4 should use the new system. I can't wait for that because with it I can literally build the entire Paladin suite from source and package it with one command using a shell script -- truly One Command to Rule Them All.

As always, bug reports are genuinely appreciated. Enjoy!

Update: The binaries require at least Haiku r38082 because of some of the bugfixes that Paladin depends on.

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  1. As the SymbolFinder didn't work with the gcc2-package from, I got the source and built it under my r38200 gcc4hybrid.

    Paladin seems to work, PalEdit however complains:
    runtime_loader: Cannot open file No such file or directory

    Congrats to the 1.3 release, BTW! \o/