Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing Paladin Tips, Symbol Finder

Paladin has grown quite a lot since its inception. In fact, it has a lot more features than BeIDE now. I worked extensively with the venerable tool when I was reverse engineering the .proj file format. Having gotten accustomed to Paladin, BeIDE seems kind of sparse. Some of Paladin's features aren't necessarily as obvious as others, so from time to time, I'll be posting tips on making your use of the IDE better, faster, and more convenient. What better way to work more effectively than from the author himself. :)

The Symbol Finder tool was introduced in version 1.3. It's a search engine for libraries. Did you ever have a time when you were receiving linker errors for a symbol that was missing, but you couldn't figure out which library it was in? Symbol Finder to the rescue. It's kept in the Tools menu, but it's also a separate application, too. Once started, enter the name of the symbol and hit Enter and it will search all of the libraries in the system library folders for it. Any hits will pop up in the search results.

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