Saturday, October 3, 2009

Paladin 1.1 is Out!

Normally, a simple release wouldn't be particularly newsworthy, but this is one I'm pretty excited about: the current unstable branch was released. This is the version that I've been coding with (and on) for the last several months. There are lots of internal improvements, such as better startup time because it stores dependency information in the project file. A host of small interface tweaks have been added, as well. One that I use pretty frequently is the opt-out for creating a folder for a project -- great for migrating projects to Paladin without much extra effort. Using drag and drop to add entire folder hierarchies to a project is a great time-saver, too.

My favorite feature of the release, though, is the code library. It started because I have quite a few classes I've written over the years which are shared between my various projects, but because I don't have a dedicated source control server (something I've been considering more and more lately), keeping these classes in sync with the occasional changes that I've made is more than a little bit annoying and error prone. Check a few classes into the library as a module, and Paladin automatically synchronizes the code.


  1. Hi, where can I download Paladin 1.1 from?

  2. Whoops! Apparently I forgot to upload the binaries to Haikuware, which is where I'd assume you were looking. It's been available at BeBits since this post. Here are links for either site.