Saturday, October 10, 2009

One More Feather in Haiku's Cap

At the end of last week, I ordered a new computer that came about the middle of this week. It's an Athlon II 2.6 Ghz quad core system. I was so excited about it coming, and now that I have it, it feels like a Ferrari compared to either of my other two machines. Zeta doesn't run on it very well, so that's a small bummer, but Haiku runs perfectly... no, unbelievably. It just gets out of the way. How well? I ran 4 instances of the Haiku3D demo at the same time, and all 4 CPUs were only at 50%. Compiling the Capital Be beta from source with the development Paladin took what seemed like no time and didn't even come close to maxing out all four cores, and as far as I could tell, it couldn't compile faster because gcc was I/O bound. Not only the Haiku run well on old or low-power hardware like netbooks, but it is even better on fast machines.

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