Sunday, January 25, 2009

Viruses, Spyware, and Trojans, Oh My!

I wear a great many hats at school. Amongst them is the all-around computer geek fix-it guy. In the last three weeks, I've had to remove spyware from two machines, and I'm currently in the middle of a complete reinstall on a colleague's home machine as a personal favor. The cause? Conficker, a.k.a. Downadup. Sigh. I tire of this kind of stuff. It would also be the reason why I highly favor other operating systems. Then again, the source of the infection was a keygen for some software. People looking to get commercial software for nothing seem to forget that pirates and software crack teams don't distribute their stuff out of the kindness of their hearts. The son of my colleague asked me what antivirus program I'd recommend. My first response, as a somewhat-pointed joke, was "Linux," but I wish I'd been able to reply with "Haiku."


  1. is truth, but everyday come more people :) to see

  2. Well, in one beautiful day you'll be able say "Haiku".

  3. Numerous adwares are really spywares, since they are introduced naturally and without your assent. These spywares screen your PC utilization and where you invest your energy web surfing, once in a while notwithstanding recording your keystrokes, lastly prompt to data fraud.