Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ye Olde News Soupe

I haven't mentioned much about Paladin here in a little while, or at least when compared to happenings in its development. Then again, aside from releases, there really hasn't been much to write about that wasn't already mentioned in the release notes for each one. My IDE has done significant maturing and Release Candidate 2 should be released tomorrow, barring any unforeseen issues in Real Life.

There have been so many releases is mostly because of all the bugs that came out of the woodwork, but also because of some incidents that went sort of like "Now to... hey, this doesn't have feature X and it's one I use fairly often. One more for the to-do list. *sigh*" Then there was also the "I can't believe I forgot to make this able to open its own files!" moment, too. I still shake my head in amused disbelief at that one. RC2 will have fewer bugfixes because it didn't have any feature improvements. I have a development version that I'm working on that has a few new features, but I don't think it's ready for primetime just yet.

Paladin is also now hosted at SourceForge [project page here]. While I would have liked to use Subversion for source control, the BeOS port is old and doesn't support checkins using the https: protocol, which, coincidentally, is what SF uses, so I'm stuck with CVS. Having the revisioning (is that a word?) and the online backup of the sources is a relief, considering the antics my development box has had lately.

Some of the maturing that Paladin has seen has been due to my actually using it for development and discovering bugs as I was using it. I've had a need for a way to show flashcards to my computer classes to quiz them on PC components, but literally nothing I've seen did what I needed, so I'm writing my own and writing it with my own software. I've been quite pleased with how things have been progressing, and I have a machine dual-booting Xubuntu and Haiku to show it off. Just earlier tonight, I actually used RC1 to build from the RC1 sources with a quick patch to a significant bug in the code which adds files dropped into the project window. It seemed really weird to use Paladin to build itself, but when I walked away with a successfully-patched executable in Haiku, I must be doing something right. I guess the next step would be to support the goofball rez resource files so I can do the same thing with PalEdit. One more thing for the to-do list, I guess. ;-)


  1. Why don't use for hosting? :(

  2. I did think of that after the account was created at SourceForge, but I'm still glad I did it because as much as I'd prefer hosting that was focused on BeOS, uptime has been spotty.