Monday, August 4, 2008

Project Progress (3 of 4): The Filer

With all the updates in a short time and then nothing, you'd think that I just didn't have time to do anything. You'd be wrong, for once. I mentioned in my last post that I'd be getting back on the 31st, which I did. Once I returned home, I went into a flurry of code the likes of which I haven't seen in years. In fact, on more than one occasion I did some late night or very early morning code sessions, with some nice, concrete results this morning at about 5AM. The results? The third of my four summer R2 projects: the Filer.

Unlike many other ideas that were in my original Desktop RFC on the Haiku website, this one did not change much, so the info is pretty close to what is in the revised -- and still yet unpublished -- version. You can find more detail on the Filer by following the link, but to quickly summarize, it's a program to let you automatically organize your files according to a set of rules that you create. The idea has actually been around for quite a while, but I only heard of the only two implementations this summer: Belvedere, a freeware Windows app well-known to Lifehacker readers, and the original which inspired it, Hazel, an incredible shareware OS X app from Noodlesoft. The difference from these two is that -- hopefully -- mine will be integrated with the OS, offloading one more task for the user when he wishes.

Filer development, simply put, has been long and difficult, which is why it's taken so long before I mentioned anything about it. It's probably the biggest "little" app I've written, so I want to do more testing and fixing before releasing it. There are other features planned, but it has the essentials and with two weeks before school starts, I want to make sure the last project gets done or at least most of the way done. As is my habit, here is a screenshot to keep you going:

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