Saturday, July 12, 2008

The First Secret to Slip

Well, I did some further hacking on my R2 desktop document and now it really is pretty close to finished. Without any screenshots, it's about 9 US Letter-size pages in OpenOffice, so it's a bit of a read. I also have some apps which I'll probably be releasing some time in the near future. I'm still waiting on the stupid KVM I ordered from eBay -- the stupid US Post Office's Media Mail shipping method is crap. Then again, I haven't had too many good experiences with traditional snail mail in recent history, either. :( Anyway, here is a cropped-but-not-Photoshopped screenshot of one of my working R2-related mini code projects to get you wondering:


  1. i think an interface of haiku all elements should be zoom able, in all moment.
    boxes for drag there our work(windows programs on execution),
    like tabs and folders,
    the previsualitions of all with a touch of 1 button distribute on all screen to select our search window(like OsX)
    and have thumbs in all possible
    (but have the option to unable some functionally ties if is needed in old pc's
    tabs to agroup, and boxes but no auto agroup, that should be personal,

    and a concept of tree buttons in one for playgroup

    the esthetic's ever should have option to customize the avatar of box, folder, wall, tab, bar.

    resume is a concept where all is thinke on tree not only the filesystem , the layout too
    and a thing, we should can easily build our tools for organization like a lego system of interface.

  2. another thing are the complement and posibily to plug widgets, an webaplication from internet. and maybe a paralel desktop for this.

  3. I'm sorry to say this, but this design has major usability issues.

    One of them is that the category titles will be interpreted to belong to the items above the title instead of items under it. The vertical line below the title excludes it from the items it should belong to. Please look into "gestalt laws". On a related note, the icons are visually interpreted to be arranged into columns and cause further confusion because they are horizontally far apart and vertically close together.

    The other problem is the same one I have sometimes ranted before on the Haiku forums. Icons and titles in widely spaced grid is extremely inefficient on grounds of Fitt's Law. First you have to acquire every item visually just to find your target and then acquire the right target with the mouse pointer. In this case that comes almost up to 30 eye focuses and one relatively long trip for the mouse cursor. LIST designs are far superior in visual search time and require minimal cursor movement.

    Respectfully hma