Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hot & Cold... Meh

Yeesh. A month since my last post here. It would seem that sometimes I run hot and cold in my Haiku hacking efforts and right now I seem to have hit a cold spell. I'm just having a hard time conjuring up the motivation to write code, lessons, or much of anything else at the moment. I've started up my own PC repair business on the side from school, so some of my "free" time is being spent working on it. I'm not going anywhere, but apparently I need a little time off. I'm not going anywhere, but things might be quiet for a little while. You know where to find me in the mean time. Have a great one everyone. :-)


  1. I know exactly what your talking about, I've been working on a personal project off and on for a few years and I hit "cold" spots sometimes where I just don't feel motivated to work on it. It is after all a for fun project so "fun" is the only motivation. Normally what recharges me is an idea, I'll think of a neat way to do something and suddenly I'm on a "hot" streak. I think Haiku maybe that neat new thing this time around because after I get my project to a stable point I'm thinking about porting what I have to Haiku. That is actually how I found your blog through Paladin.

  2. yes, without free time it is hard to blogging.
    I have a haiku blog too, but i write haiku almost only on Hungarian language. I use my phone to blog, if i go to somewhere, maybe i will have an idea to write a new haiku, and i write it down immediately in my phone. :)