Thursday, September 23, 2010

Klutzo Strikes Again

As is typical for a geek of my athletic ability, I'm a near-total klutz. It's not uncommon for me to bang some part of my body on something each day. Last night I managed to do a real doozy: a computer bit me on the foot. Hard. It wasn't even mine, either. I'd brought home 3 different machines from school, 2 of which were left lying around for parts and the third was good except for a dead hard drive... or so I thought. The CD drive needed replacing, too.

The machine is a Gateway E series mini desktop which has a tool-free case -- fold up the top and pop off the front bezel and you can remove the CD drive and the hard drive. I foolishly left the thing sitting on the floor beside my computer desk, sans front bezel. Unfortunately, I kicked the thing and one of the plastic edges in the front put a nice slice into the outer side of my foot near my pinky toe. Ouch. A new low in clumsiness-related injuries in my life. On the upside, I can put a sign on it when I take it back to school: "CAUTION: this computer bytes. Use at your own risk." Yeesh.

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