Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book is *This* *Close*

After about a week of what felt like futzing around with my book, Learning to Program with Haiku is just about published. I ordered the proof copy this morning, so in about a week I'll have a hard copy of my work, and barring major problems, it will be available for the general public, both in dead tree format and as an e-book. I'm really excited!


  1. Very cool!!
    How will it be sold. You order 10.000 and package and post it from your mom's basement? :)


  2. My comments didn't come thru yesterday... One more try:
    Good to hear!
    How do you plan to distribute your book? Have you ordered 10.000 copies and post and package yourself from you mother's basement? :)

  3. LOL! Actually, I'm waiting on my preview copy before I finally throw the switch. The US mail isn't running today, so I might even have it tomorrow. As soon as I've gotten everything just right, I'll make the announcement with all the details.