Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paladin 1.2.0 Released!

It's been more than a little while since the last release, but I'd say that it's been worth it. Beyond the usual round of bugfixes, it's about as stable as 1.1, which is a great thing for BeOS and Zeta users, and a bit of a bummer for Haiku users -- there is a known bug which hangs Haiku on what seems to be multicore machines when running a build that I haven't nailed down yet. It's a tough one, but rest assured that I'm working on it.

Time-saving features are the highlight in this release. It is possible to create and/or utilize templates of common application types, such as an app with a main window and a menu bar. An Import Project feature in the Start window makes quick work of making a Paladin project from existing sources. The compiler cache ccache can be used in Zeta and Haiku to speed up builds. There are rare build issues for the Zeta version, so it is not enabled by default for stability's sake, but most people will want the speed gains. A regular expression tester has been added to the Tools menu to save a few gray hairs from testing regular expressions in applications.

I've still got some tricks up my sleeve, so don't be surprised by a 1.2.1 or even a 1.3 release by the end of summer. I can think of a few more features that would make my workflow even easier, so I'm pretty sure they'd be of benefit for everyone. Until then, happy coding!

Paladin 1.2.1
Paladin 1.2.0 Sources

Update: As it turns out, PalEdit 1.2.0 crashed under Haiku GCC4 hybrid builds and had some icon issues, so 1.2.1 is out and the link updated accordingly. The sources haven't changed, however. :-)


  1. Nice to see you keep working on Paladin!
    However, PalEdit 1.2 dies on launching on my pretty current Haiku, gcc4hybrid, with a segment violation:

    [Switching to team /HiQ-Data/apps/Paladin/PalEdit (2219) thread PalEdit (2219)]
    0x000144c6 in ?? ()
    (gdb) bt
    #0 0x000144c6 in ?? ()
    #1 0x00b07e6c in _init_before () from /boot/home/config/lib/
    #2 0x00b06a7b in _init () from /boot/home/config/lib/
    #3 0x001005b2 in _ZL17init_dependenciesP7image_tb ()
    from /boot/system/runtime_loader
    #4 0x0010177a in load_library () from /boot/system/runtime_loader
    #5 0x00103f8e in _ZL18export_load_add_onPKcm ()
    from /boot/system/runtime_loader
    #6 0x0068df50 in load_add_on () from /boot/system/lib/gcc2/
    #7 0x00314743 in LoadAddOnsFromPath ()
    #8 0x0031496b in PDoc::LoadAddOns ()
    #9 0x002fb17a in PApp::PApp ()
    #10 0x00301797 in main ()

    I only renamed the older version's folder to "Paladin 1.1" before installing 1.2. Shouldn't be a problem, right?


  2. Looks like Haiku's runtime loader crashed. It may not be a Paladin problem -- I run gcc4hybrid myself and I tested the build on Haiku just before release. I didn't have any problems. The library it's crashing on is common with Pe. Does it crash? Also, what revision are you running?

  3. Pe's running fine, as is PalEdit1.1. Haiku is r35922.

  4. I can't figure out what the problem might be. PalEdit doesn't even load -- all the sources that are in that library are statically compiled into the executable. Worst case, just use PalEdit from the Paladin 1.1 version as a workaround. I don't believe that anything significant, if anything, has changed since 1.1 in PalEdit.

  5. Maybe you missed something...
    I renamed ~/config/lib/ Now PalEdit1.1 says "Missing lib" and PalEdit1.2 launches without crash.
    After renaming the library back to the original, PalEdit1.1 launches again, but PalEdit1.2 is crashing as described...

    I guess, I'll just remove Pe and the altogether and use PalEdit1.2.

    I just wanted to be cautious because you reported stability issues with 1.2 under Haiku.

    BTW, there's some weirdness with Paladin and PalEdit icons. In Tracker they are like in version 1.1, in LaunchBox and QuickLaunch they are the old 2D bitmaps...

  6. The strange part about the icons:
    The 1.2 files have the bitmap attributes BEOS:L:STD_ICON and BEOS:M:STD_ICON, which accounts for their display in LaunchBox and QuickLaunch (DiskProbe, too BTW). But they miss the vector attibute BEOS:ICON. Weird: They still show the vector icon in Tracker and Deskbar... How...Why...? :)

  7. I'm still not exactly sure what caused the problem, but I was able to reproduce it. Rebuilding seemed to fix the problem. LaunchBox and QuickLaunch probably show the R5/Zeta icon because GetTrackerIcon does not check for icons in resources, whereas Tracker apparently does. As a result, Tracker would show the right icon for both apps, but LaunchBox and QuickLaunch wouldn't. I'm not sure how the attribute was lost, but that's been remedied, too.

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  9. Hi DarkWyrm, is there any repository for Paladin's source code? How about a github or gitorious repository? That way people can collaborate with the development

  10. Yes. Paladin is hosted over at Sourceforge ( Currently it is in a CVS repository, but I will be migrating to SVN in the near future.

  11. Great BeIDE replacement!
    Definetly should be included in Haiku R1!

    Keep minimalistic.