Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paladin Release Delays... a Good Thing??

Normally, you'd consider it a bad thing when a software release has to be pushed back. I was thinking of pushing out that release I mentioned earlier this past afternoon, but it's not going to happen.

I just kind of fell into a coding session this afternoon and this evening and it yielded some great results. I managed to get a well-known Linux tool, ccache, built for Haiku and Zeta and tweaked Paladin to take advantage of it. I did some testing on my P4 3.0 Ghz with hyperthreading (a dual processor machine to Haiku) with a copy of the sources to FtpPositive that I had lying around. The results completely blew my mind.

Build TypeBuild Time
single-threaded, uncached13 seconds
multithreaded, uncached12 seconds
single-threaded, cached~3.5 seconds
multithreaded, cached~2.25 seconds

That's an 80% improvement with build caching! For small projects with only a few files, it doesn't make nearly that big of a difference, though. The bigger the project, the bigger the boost, it would seem.

I also found a few bugs that I managed to squish that were related to a feature that I implemented during the snow days I had earlier this week and discovered another one which needs to be taken care of plus some more general testing before a release can be made. When it's all done, though, this will be a really nice improvement over the last development release and a huge leap over the stable branch.

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