Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pondering the Next Moves for Paladin

It's been quite a while since I reported on any development I've been up to. There hasn't been much, but I have been doing some Paladin hacking. For probably a month now, I've been attempting to figure out what direction Paladin development should take. The development branch has received some changes to add support for different project types. If I remember correctly, BeIDE had something like this which it called stationery. There is also a code library feature which has pretty good potential, but I've noticed some major architectural issues in its synchronization code and also in other areas. The only problem is that there is other code, such as the Project class, which needs significant changes in order to make it work well, so I've begun doing some experimental refactoring. The nice thing is that I'm building in some more flexibility into the code. It should make for a more powerful build system... it should also be interesting to see how well all this works out. TTFN, dear readers. :)

1 comment:

  1. What about improving PalEdit? I like Pe, but it's still a lot behind any good text editor of today (like vim or textmate, for example).
    Maybe you can take some ideas and concepts from them.

    Nevertheless, good work until now :)