Friday, August 14, 2009

New Paladin Stable Release and More

Well, I finally got around to getting the patches I've made to the stable branch out the door. I actually was planning on doing it a little while ago, but BeBits and Haikuware were down, so it seemed kinda silly to do it then. Anyway, it fixes a couple of minor bugs plus a couple of major annoyances. Anyone who has done any development in Haiku with Paladin has discovered that projects don't keep their file type, which is very much like trying to walk a mile with a rock in your shoe. This is a bug in Haiku (#3231) that hasn't been resolved, but I *did* manage to find a way to work around the problem. Libraries in /boot/common/lib also show up in the library window. These two patches make developing in Haiku a lot more pleasant.

I'm not just standing still on Paladin's unstable branch. I'm working on what will probably be the last feature before I release an official build: the code library. What in the world is that, you ask? A feature itch I've had for some time which is now getting scratched. The C++ computer language lets you write code with reusability in mind. I have a bunch of files which I use quite a lot in my projects. The only problem is that if one of those files gets changed, I have to go through all my other projects that use the same files and update them, too. Paladin's code library eliminates this by keeping its own copy and updating projects when you open them. It's a little like using version control (CVS, Subversion, etc.), but much less work for this kind of task.

Despite its name, the unstable branch right now is pretty stable. It should be interesting to see some of the bugs that other people find once it's released. TTFN

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