Friday, May 15, 2009

Brick Walls Sure Hurt

Ouch. I've been doing research into the whole Linux clipart manager and wxPython and I've run headlong into a brick wall. What is it? The X clipboard system was designed by paranoid, short-sighted morons. If you're not copying text, you're pretty much shut out, so it seems, because most applications that work with other kinds of data use private clipboards. Then again, the way the X clipboard is designed, clipboard storage is decentralized and if an app puts something on the clipboard and then quits, the data goes poof with it. Interoperability at it's best. Yay! The nice part? Unless we have some benevolent dictator say this has to be fixed, it'll never be fixed, either.

This discovery more or less puts the clipart manager dead in the water, unfortunately. The upshot to all of this is that I've been slowly getting the hang of working in Python, which is both fun and powerful.

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