Sunday, April 12, 2009

Minesweeper for Haiku

Well, this morning I uploaded my Minesweeper clone to BeBits, BeMines. Already a bug report, too. All of the code-related development was done with Paladin, and I was able to discover and fix several bugs in doing so. It was a lot of fun doing both, too. :-)

You might be wondering, "why Minesweeper, though?" -- well, actually, you're probably not, but let's pretend anyway. ;-) Like Tetravex, Minesweeper is another one of those little addictive time-waster games that I've had an attachment to at times. Unfortunately, there are only two available for BeOS: the demo shipped with R5 (which is not redistributable) and a browser-based one available on BeBits. Neither seem to really hit the mark. Frankly, the R5 version and its Windows counterparts are kinda hard on the eyes, especially at higher resolutions. The solution? Write my own. It's a relatively simple game conceptually, so why not expose some Paladin bugs writing another fun little game? Thus, BeMines.

The part that I like best is the different themes and how easy it is to make them. The one that probably took the longest was the GNOME one, and even it didn't take long. The middle-click sonar ping is a nice help if you hate to guess and don't want to bomb out on a game you've put some time into (like at the Expert level). I'm pleased with it, so here's to another fun little project born.

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