Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness... Basketball it Ain't

Tonight I just finished what will hopefully be the end of a 6-week schedule run where everything seems to happen all at once with starring (instead of directing, like in years past) in the Spring Program at school. This particular one involved an adult part in addition to the kids' parts, so I was asked to do it. The program went off without hardly any problems, so I'm happy.

In the fewer-than-usual spare moments that I've had, I've been dogfooding Paladin again. This time? Minesweeper. Once again, I've found yet *more* bugs in the unstable version, but I have a sinking feeling that they're also in the current release candidate (#4), so I'm betting there's going to be yet another one after it. You'd think there'd be fewer of them at some point. Sheesh. BeOS had a Minesweeper clone, but not Haiku -- or at least not an open source one. It's turning out to be a fun way to find bugs in Paladin, so I figured why not?

In unrelated news, courtesy of the illustrious C|Net, Spiralfrog, the ad-supported free(?) DRM-crippled music service has closed its doors. Good riddance. For those who don't know the history, back in October '07 I posted -- at my old site, no less -- about getting shafted by the Digital Restrictions Management included in each song downloaded from SpiralFrog following a reinstall of Windows. I have never forgotten it, either, and I don't intend to. Goodbye, Spiralfrog, no one will miss you.

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