Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Paladin Release Hits Light of Day

This one sure took quite a while. Murphy seemed to be in full swing during its development -- there were quite a few instances where there just wasn't enough time. Writing the documentation took quite a while, and then my development box didn't want to work properly. Just as mysteriously, everything started working right again just this afternoon. In the process, my development machine has ended up multibooting XP Pro, Ubuntu, Zeta, R5, and Haiku. I'll certainly be able to test for compatibility, that's for sure!

This release for the stable branch really isn't anything overly exciting except for bugfixes and (finally) some documentation, but that's not entirely a bad thing. It seems like unlike most of my other projects, Paladin has had general stability issues -- almost like there are always these little niggling details which just keep cropping up. Each time something comes up, though, I'm not generally too long in squishing them.

As I am able, I'm also working on the development branch. Right now, I'd say that there are two features that I will be implementing unless there are major issues: support for adding files and groups just by dropping a folder onto the project window and build support for rez files so that I can get rid of the jam system for PalEdit.

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