Saturday, March 8, 2008

Code + Blizzard

And I'm not talking World of Warcraft, either. Central Ohio was hit with the worst snowstorm since 1978. We received a foot and a half of snow in 36 hours time. While mine was not one of them, there were counties around where you could be arrested for driving on the road at all. I made the best of it and spent a number of hours working on some around-the-house projects that I've been neglecting and hacking a project based on the Ultimate++ toolkit.

Ultimate++ is quite an interesting toolkit. The driving goal behind it is increased developer productivity. The method? To quote the project's pages, "aggressive use of C++ features." It's quite an intriguing API, too, and definitely utilizes concepts foreign to the BeOS way of thinking. I'll probably post more in-depth on it later. It makes cross-platform programming easy to set up, unlike wxWidgets, but it does have its warts. For example, it lacks its own calls to show the Windows common Page Setup dialog and there isn't an included sound or movie API. Documentation is spotty -- some sections are very good, some are incomplete, and some are completely missing. Anyway, I'm working on a couple of projects. We'll see how far they get, but I'm learning.... slowly.

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